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Frequently Asked Questions




The Terrain View disappeared in the Big Game Regs App after upgrade to IOS 6.0

This is a result of Apple changing the mapping technology from Google Maps to their own Apple Mapping technology.  We hoped to have a Terrain View option available soon.


Where can i purchase the BigGameRegs Mobile App?

Search for "BigGameRegs" on the store.   We are creating an app for each state regulation.


Working with the Big Game Application

Do I need cell service to use Big Game?

The Big Game application was designed to take into the field and out of cell coverage. All of the essential hunting regulation data and boundary shapes and definitions are available even if your mobile device does not have cell coverage.  The Google Map tool that we use to display map information underneath the boundary shapes does require a cellular connection in order to work properly. There may be occassions where the underlying map information will not be available however, the critical information about where the hunt boundaries are located will still be available on the device regardless of cell coverage. In addition it will show your relation to the boundaries if your mobile device has GPS capability.

Do I get updates automatically?

Yes.  We publish each season for the different states as an app.  This will follow the State regulation period defined by the state.  If there are changes or corrections during the year, we will update the app and you will get the new version of the app through the normal update store method.

Why do I get multiple areas when I drop a pin on one boundary?

In some states, multiple rules and regulations can apply to the same physical hunting location and thus, there will be multiple geographical hunting boundaries designated for a given point on the map. The map is only able to display one set of hunting boundaries and corresponding rules at one time. However, the Pin is able to identify all hunting information from any of the boundaries for that one physical location. This is why the pin returns more hunts than are available in the one boundary showing on the map. this functionality works by design.

Working with the Big Game Maps

How can I show my current location on the map?

Big Game will take advantage of the GPS features of the iPhone. You can see your current location on the Big Game map. To turn on the GPS locator:

  1. Select the Map Screen
  2. Select the arrow button on the top right corner of the map. a blue dot will appear on the map. this is your current location.  Note you can use this feature in combination with the boundary overlays to determine which hunt boundary you are currently in during a hunt. this functionality works regardless of whether you have celluar coverage.

 How come I don't see the hunt boundaries on my map?

the hunt boundary overlay view is an option on the map screen. To turn on the hunt boundaries on your map:

  1. Switch to the map screen.
  2. select the i button on the top right corner of the map. this will flip to screen to the backside of the map.
  3. Turn the Overlay on
  4. Be sure to select the corresponding overlay you wish to see for the animal you have selected. you can do this on this same map configuration screen.
  5. Select the Done button when finished.

How come I don't see the map or How come I only see boundaries an no map underneath?

The reason why don't see the map is because your device is out of cellular or WiFi range and doesn't have access to the Internet. Sportsman Regs Big Game uses the Google Map functionality that comes with the Applie iPhone and iPad.  This application is very large. Thus, Google downloads the map content to the device from the Internet. This requires the user to have an Internet connection to download and see the map. The Google Map will download some of the map information onto the device for better performance (This is called Caching in technical terms).  However, Google doesn't enable 3rd party developers like Sportsman Regs to change the caching settings.  This is why you may not see the underlying map

You will still be able to see the hunting boundaries for your state. Sportsman Regs Big Game downloads the boundary map information on to the device. Thus, you do not need an Internet connection to use the application. You can still see the boundaries and use the GPS functionality of the phone to see where you are relative to those boundaries.

Tip:  If you view the area where you will be hunting prior to leaving cellular or WiFi range, most likely the Google map will stay cached on the device and you will be able to see the map underneath the hunt boundaries.

How can I turn on labels for the hunt boundaries?

Labels on the hunt boundaries includes the name or  number of the hunt boundary used by the state. To view these labels select the i button on the top right corner of the Map Screen.  Turn On the Label and Overlay settings for the map screen. You will now be able to see the labels.  On occassion the labels may dissappear after you have turned this function to On.  If this occurs, close the Sportsman Regs Big Game application and re-open it.  You can close the application (such that it  exits the memory of the device by following these steps) First, double click the main button at the bottom of the iPhone or iPad.  This will bring up a bar that shows all of the applications currently running on your device.  Select the Big Game application by holding your finger on the icon until it begins to shake. An X will appear on the top corner of the icon.  Select the X. This will close the application out of memory. Now reopen the application. the labels should be restored.


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How come I don't see the animal listed I want to hunt?

What is the source of the Regulation data Big Game uses?

How up-to-date is the regulation data in Big Game?

Why are there mulitple overlays for an animal

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